The Most Magical Place on Earth helps Preemie Speak

Many of you know how The Linden Fund got its start.  For those of you unfamiliar with the organization, here is a brief summary.

My son, Linden, was born at 27 weeks gestation with meningitis and septicemia among other complications.  His chance of doing well was grim and we were told that it would take a miracle for Linden to be okay. I am a true believer that miracles do happen each and every day. After all, Linden was and still is our little miracle.

Linden is not without complications due to his rough start in life, but I would like to share a personal story with everyone that has recently touched our lives.  

In July, we took a family vacation to Disney World.  Prior to our trip, Linden had been attending speech therapy for many months. He had mustered a few words here and there but nothing truly discernable, and his progress could be summarized as minimal up this point. While visiting Magic Kingdom at Disney World, Linden put his little hand up to my face to get my attention as he usually does when trying to communicate and said as clear as anything Mickey Mouse’s House.  Anyone knowledgeable about speech production would tell you that this is highly unusual to go from no words to three distinct new words in a row.  His speech development since then has been nothing short of miraculous.  We continue to hear new words every day!


They say that Disney World is the most magical place on earth.  Now, I truly believe it.

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